Student Outreach and Retention Center


Our Mission

Through a collaborative effort between Student Success Initiatives (SSI) and the Student Outreach and Retention (SOAR) Center, the Gateway Scholars Program aims to support the advancement and holistic development of its students. Educational partnerships make up a cohort of students, consisting of first-year students, continuing students, and transfers, who will receive support through intentional programming and advising to meet their academic, personal, and professional needs as they make their transition into UC Irvine.


In order to apply, students must be a participant from one of the following educational partnerships:


Gateway Scholars will have access to the following resources and services:

Program Requirements

Gateway Scholars must complete/meet the following requirements throughout the academic year:

All Gateway Scholar Cohort Participants

  • Must attend the Gateway Scholar Orientation
  • Must meet with your Counselor at least ONCE per quarter.
  • Must attend academic enrichment workshops each quarter.
  • Must log workshops at the end of each quarter.
  • Must meet with a Pathfinder at SOAR (Peer Mentor)
  • Must Opt into ScoreShare

Current Events:

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