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We are excited to work closely with your organization through this first of its kind ‘SOARing for Education Affiliation Program’. SOAR is an incubator for your amazing ideas student leaders. We recognize that your vision to support communities that face significant disadvantages to higher education can be a reality and we’re here to help in any way we can. As coordinators we want to go beyond just meeting and talking about funding- we want to connect your organizations to see the bigger picture where you can all advocate for change and a culture of hope at UCI. We recognize the unique perspective on diversity and innovative ideas you all have and we thank you for trusting us in this Affiliation Program.

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  • They, Them, Theirs

    Hi my name is JJ Jimenez and I'm an incoming 5th year majoring in Psychological Sciences and minoring in Chicano/Latino Studies and Social Ecology. I'm a transfer student from Rio Hondo College and started here at UCI back in 2021. As a first generation college student, I'm really passionate about creating community with other underrepresented students. Overall, I'm really excited to work with students through SOAR this academic year!

JJ Jimenez

Affiliate Co-Chair

  • He, Him, His

    Hey everyone, I'm excited to meet you all this year! In my free time, I like catching up on tv shows, playing video games, or trying out new recipes. I also like exploring new places that are interesting or I've never been before. And don't feel afraid to reach out to me about anything, I'm always open to chatting as well. 

Simon Xiong

Affiliate Co-Chair

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