Student Outreach and Retention Center


The Puppies and Pathfinders Event, organized by our Pathfinder peer educators, its an event the campus looks forward to! Puppies and Pathfinders is an event we host every quarter throughout the school year and is one of our main events! This event typical occurs around week 9 - 10 so plan ahead to keep this in mind. The purpose of this event is to allow students to destress after midterms, engage in self-care activities, and learn about different community groups through Campus Resource Centers and Campus Organizations. On this day, we invite a therapy animal program that brings therapy dogs to help students relax during the event. Additionally, we invite various campus resource centers and campus organizations to participate in self-care activities and publicize their organization/center to the UCI community.


Previous Puppies

Pathfinders outsource therapy dogs from approved therapy organizations. Below are previous puppies that greeted the students!

We Offer More!

Program Resources

Other Orgs. Who Participate

Besides offering several activities the day of the event such as, arts and crafts or games. We also collaborate with other organizations and centers! They provide you with resources and opportunities to help you as a student. You can even snag a few merchandise from these booths or free school supplies. Or even better, FREE SNACKS!

Activities Include:

  • Temporary tattoos
  • Affirmations - take one, leave one
  • Gratitude journaling activity
  • Origami bookmark handcraft
  • Answer mural
  • Make your own goodie bag!
  • Crafts!

    Simulate your brain with crafts ranging from slime to painting! after continuously studying you can use a break to activate your create side! 

  • Snacks!

    What soothes the soul better than puppies? Food! Snacks are a must especially approaching finals. We offer a variety of snacks during this event to help your body feel better!