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Impact Reports

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Ana A.

Cup of SOAR visitor, Study Space visitor

"Without the services that SOAR provides, I would have been unable to sometime eat or have a drink through cup of SOAR which is significant to me as a student who has continuously struggled to make ends meet and who has been dealing with financial/housing insecurity and basic needs. Also, finding a place that allows me to print materials has been helpful in allowing me to do better and to provide study tools that I would not have accessibility to otherwise. Even more important to me, it is SOAR and its services that serves as motivation to continue on such a difficult yet rewarding journey through my time at UCI. Having a space that wants students to succeed and graduate is a form of validation that I sometimes lack from people I love, so SOAR is in many ways a support and motivation to me and my journey as a first-generation, Latina woman that was unaware of who or where to go until SOAR appeared."

Caleb L.

SOAR workshops or events, Planning committee for the following: CaCCCHE Student Scholar Conference (2019-20)

"SOAR has been one of the best offices I’ve collaborated with to plan conferences. The people at the center have not only been empowering in helping to bring my organizations’ visions into fruition, but they have become friends that I am always wanting to support."

Michelle T.

Graduate Access Preparation Program, SOARing through Education Affiliate member & RSIP Grantee

"My org was received a grant from the SOAR center last year which tremendously helped us as a new Black org that was trying to find that grounding on campus. Quarterly meeting hosted by SOAR staff were super helpful in regards to how to maintain an org as a president and how to receive more participation during a pandemic. Further, I participated in the GAP program to attain my dreams of going to graduate school for psychology. Through both of these experiences, the SOAR center has helped myself and my community tremendously."

Michelle F.

SOARing through Education Affiliate member, OSIP Grantee, Study Space visitor & academic resources

"As a first-generation college student, SOAR has supported me by providing testing supplies and a group to be a part of when I was actively working with SOAR as an affiliate. The workshops that I attended gave me insight on resources available at UCI and how to be more inclusive, especially as someone involved in organizations on campus. Especially when things with planning my high school outreach program got complicated, Paulina was very helpful and reassuring to ensure that the program would still happen."

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