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Our Vision

The "SOARing for Education" Affiliation program is designed to promote community building amongst different campus registered student organizations and the SOAR Center to work together and uplift the mission and vision of the center. SOARing for Education will develop authentic student leaders that will be equipped with the tools, skills, and knowledge to execute innovative, student-initiated outreach and retention programs through mentorship and student-led training.

The outreach and retention programs will foster critical dialogue, mentorship, and reimagine the educational system to improve college access, retention, and graduation rates for historically underrepresented and under-resourced communities in higher education. 

Application Updates:

SOARing for Education Affiliation applications  for the 2021-2020school year: OPENS 8/1/21

Registered campus organizations (RCOs) must affiliate with SOAR to apply for outreach and retention grants.

Affiliation Benefits

  • Eligibility for SIP Excellence + Outreach Grants
  • Printing Support
  • Priority Room Reservation at SOAR
  • Ability to Join the SOAR Funding Boards
  • Gain Leadership Skills and Training
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Newsletter and Website Promotion Opportunities
  • Programming Resources (Online, Handbook, Worksheets)

Maintaining Affiliation Status

The Registered Campus Organization (RCO) Must:

  • Attend Monthly Meetings
  • Meet with a Retention/Outreach/Pathfinder Coordinator Once a Quarter
  • Attend at Least One SOAR Programmatic Event (Open House, S.I Empowerment Workshops, etc.) a Quarter
  • Participate in Annual SOAR Conference in the Winter Quarter
  • Participate at the End of the Year Celebration

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