Student Outreach and Retention Center


Alumni Spotlight

  • Karina Lopez


    Outreach Coordinator and was involved in the food pantry initiative campaign

Karina Lopez

Why was SOAR important to you as a student/leader/activist while at UCI?

SOAR was important because it was a space where I felt safe, comfortable, and empowered. I loved that I could work with my peers to develop student initiated programs for the community; whether that was through workshops, discussions, or through the installation of the food pantry. I love seeing students helping students navigate through the post secondary space.
How has SOAR contributed to your current leadership?
Currently, I work as a Student Support Specialist at Ventura College where I work with incoming students and help them transition into college. Working in SOAR showed me the importance of student mentorship, especially for students who come from low-income/communities of color who make encounter challenges navigating through college. I try advise my students as best I can to ensure they are making the most of their college experience.

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