• SOARing Through Finals

    SOARing Through Finals

    Free Scantrons & Booklets

    Starting December 15, the SOAR Center will be giving out free exam materials during finals week. We will also be providing free snacks throughout the day. Don’t forget that the SOAR center is also a study space!

  • Cup of SOAR

    Cup of SOAR is available every Tuesday!

    Free bagels, coffee, and tea!

    Every Tuesday from 10-12pm the SOAR center hosts Cup of SOAR. We provide free bagels and hot coffee for all students. Enjoy your great Tuesday morning with us!

  • SOAR PB&J Study Jam

    PB&J Study Time!

    Make sure to get your studying done with free snacks!

    Join us in PB&J study jam and enjoy yummy sandwiches on every Thursday! It is the perfect place for ALL students who would like a comfortable and friendly place to prepare exams and do assignments. Come join us!

  • SOAR Location

    Pay us a visit or contact us.

    106 Gateway Study Center

    At the SOAR Center we offer a space for students to study, receive information on outreach and retention projects at UCI. We have a mentoring program and workshops aimed at helping students reach their highest level of success here at UCI.

  • SOAR Events

    Upcoming Events

    Check out what’s happening at the SOAR Center.

    Make sure to like our Facebook Page for updates and announcements about SOAR!




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